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Design, photojournalism, data viz, illustration, research and a little cross-platform evangelism

Everyone has a story to tell and visuals give those stories power. The most memorable photographs have emotion, story and moment. They draw attention. They get people to engage.


I’ve tested this in a number of ways for the National Press Photographers Association and The Poynter Institute, researching what we know about how people read, click, share, care about and remember.


A photograph, video, chart or illustration gets more attention than a story without.


I love picture editing. I love finding exactly the right image and moment to tell the story. I have been a champion for visual storytelling in newsrooms and classrooms, for non-profits and for-profits.


I’ve worked as visual leader and trainer at The Poynter Institute, as President of the Society for News Design and at some terrific photojournalism newspapers around the U.S. I have coached countless young photojournalists and picture editors and reveled in seeing their careers progress.


I have been a photo judge for contests like Scripps Howard, SND, the Best of Cox Media, Ohio Press Photographers Association, the Associated Collegiate Press and Alternative News Weeklies.

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The Mobile Resource Center has videos, tutorials and tools for designers and educators. I created this for Ball State University using the blogging tool, Medium.

I developed  Typography for News Design for Poynter's News University. It is one of the top-viewed tutorials in Poynter's history. Though it is now behind a registration wall, it remains free and open to the public.

Photographer and scientist

Jim Richardson has documented the world's environment for more than four decades for National Geographic. For this project, he brought the science he loves, closer to home.