Design, photojournalism, data viz, illustration, research and a little cross-platform evangelism

Everyone has a story to tell and visuals give those stories power. The most memorable photographs have emotion, story and moment. They draw attention. They get people to engage.


I’ve tested this in a number of ways for the National Press Photographers Association and The Poynter Institute, researching what we know about how people read, click, share, care about and remember.


A photograph, video, chart or illustration gets more attention than a story without.


I love picture editing. I love finding exactly the right image and moment to tell the story. I have been a champion for visual storytelling in newsrooms and classrooms, for non-profits and for-profits.


I’ve worked as visual leader and trainer at The Poynter Institute, as President of the Society for News Design and at some terrific photojournalism newspapers around the U.S. I have coached countless young photojournalists and picture editors and reveled in seeing their careers progress.


I have been a photo judge for contests like Scripps Howard, SND, the Best of Cox Media, Ohio Press Photographers Association, the Associated Collegiate Press and Alternative News Weeklies.

(727) 366-0128


The Mobile Resource Center has videos, tutorials and tools for designers and educators. I created this for Ball State University using the blogging tool, Medium.

I developed  Typography for News Design for Poynter's News University. It is one of the top-viewed tutorials in Poynter's history. Though it is now behind a registration wall, it remains free and open to the public.

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