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The creative process: concept, critical thinking and a path

I get a kick out of brainstorming and collaboration whether for my own work or while teaching young designers. It's a thrill when a creative idea takes root and grows into strong storytelling.


It's also a thrill to watch as the careers of former students progress. I might well have been a matchmaker in another life. I dearly love to bring people together in a creative process.

I’ve worked for years as a visual leader with the Poynter Institute and as president of the Society for News Design. These wonderful organizations have given me the chance to meet a host of creative folks from around the world.

I'm grateful for the privilege. It has made me a better designer and opened my eyes to enormous possibilities.

Wander mag covers.jpg

Inspired by a need for creativity during the pandemic, I worked with two colleagues to launch Wander, an online magazine featuring illustrations from women around the world.

I developed a series of illustrated videos in Somali, Spanish and Karen to help residents of immigrant communities better understand the complexities of Covid, vaccinations and health care. Advised by leaders and translators from each community, the National Institute of Health followed a storytelling tradition customary to the cultures of the communities.

tablet prototypes.jpg

Each eyetracking research project has required working prototypes to test designs and stories across platforms.

The Mobile Resource Center has videos, tutorials and tools for designers and educators. I created this for Ball State University using the blogging tool, Medium.

Typography for News Design, my comprehensive tutorial for Poynter's News University is one of the top-viewed assets in the site's history. It remains free and open to the public.

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